Professional Development Meeting
Supply Chain Risk Mitigation
March 14, 2012
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What You Missed

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Hopefully everyone enjoyed our March PDM. The venue was very nice, The Hilton Netherland, hopefully convenient for everyone and a very enjoyable meal. Brings back memories of meetings at the Vernon Manor with the history and architecture.

We also say Goodbye and Good luck to our former president and friend Phil Gibbons who is transferring back to North Carolina. We will think of you every time we are driving home at 5 MPH in a snowstorm. As Phil departs we greatly appreciate that Don Johnson is stepping up again to lead our chapter. If you are interested helping the local chapter please let us know.

Thanks to Graebel  Relocation Services for sponsoring our meeting and lastly thanks to our speaker Monique Murfield. Good luck with your dissertation and with your move to Savannah.