Professional Development Meeting
LEED Existing Building: O&M and Commissioning
April 12, 2011
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LEED Existing Building: O&M and Commissioning

Although LEED, Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design, is not a widely known certification, at least from my perspective, it appears that it is becoming more widespread in the building community. With the concept of “Green” expanding and assuredly growing in popularity throughout society and within the manufacturing environment, LEED certification is sure to follow.

Ryan Hoffman and Don Glarden from Heapy Engineering shared some of their experiences with the group starting with a case study of their own building, specific controls/classifications in LEED certification and then ended with a Q&A session. While not all the initiatives create huge up front savings they do create significant values when looked at over the lifetime of a building. Some companies and many municipalities do require certification while others are able to receive tax abatements for LEED certification.

An interesting topic to expand our knowledge base.