October Dinner Meeting
The Art of Negotiation
October 13, 2009
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What You Missed

The Art of Negotiation

Before the November meeting, we conducted an animal trivia icebreaker. In case you were wondering, the answers appear below.

(1) A ‘Jenny’ is a female? Answer: Donkey (2) A ‘Cast’ is a group of? Answer: Falcons (3) How long does it take to hard boil an ostrich egg? Answer: 40 min (4) Which animal can get a ‘sunburn’? Answer: Pig (5) What animal were allies trying to train to drop bombs during WWII? Bat (6) Which animal has a blue tongue? Answer: Black Bear (7) Which animal can walk under water? Answer: Armadillo (8) What is a ‘Sea Wasp’? Answer: Jelly Fish (9) Which animal can go longer than a camel without water? Answer: Rat (10) What is used to make camel hair brushes? Answer: Squirrel Hair